Ageing Matters is a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO) with the vision to promote the quality of ageing.  By year 2030, Singapore would have close to a million Singaporean 65 years and older. The majority of these would live a relatively healthy life into their eighties. There is at least a good 15-20 years of life that the elderly (seniors) could enjoy and make meaningful contributions. Current emphasis have been in the areas of health and wealth – to ensure that we keep a health lifestyle and have enough money to see us through.

But there is more to ageing than health and wealth. There is the issue of relationship – getting along well with our spouses, children and grandchildren. There is also the issue of our psychosocial well being – adjustment to a series of losses – loss of work (retirement), empty nest syndrome, loss of income, loss of ‘dignity’, etc. There is also the issue of legacy we want to leave for the next generations – what can they remember us for? And there are more, much more.

Ageing Matters seeks to prepare the seniors for their ageing. Through a series of workshops and discussions, we hope to equip and empower the seniors to live meaningful and quality life.